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Jamesons in Masham are now offering free coffee with any purchase! Soon you will be able to enjoy a coffee in comfort while shopping in your local animal, pet, garden and outdoor store. (It's really nice coffee)



From April 2016, it will be a legal requirement to have your pet micro chipped and details registered to you. It makes sense. If your animal is lost, a scan of the micro chip will have it returned to you quickly and safely.

Jamesons are offering to microchip your animal for only £10, which is cheaper than the vet. This is done by trained staff at the store.


But don't forget, if you move or you rehome your animal, CHANGE THE DETAILS ON THE REGISTER. Many lost and found animals are chipped and scanned, only to find that the details haven't been updated. Similarly, if you rehome an animal which is chipped, make sure the details are changed to you.

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