The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Thursday 24th September 2020 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall Fearby.
    AGENDA CLERK Alan Greensit
    This meeting will be held under Covid 19 rules for a Covid secure venue. Members of the public are invited however they must give the clerk their contact details for “track and trace” and wear a mask whilst in the hall and adhere to Covid19 ruling displayed at the hall.
    Apologies for Absence
    Sign Declaration of acceptance to co opt Jonathan Hyman as councillor for Colsterdale
    Approval of the previous minutes
    Matters Arising from the Minutes
    Update on Druids Temple Road
    Healey Speeding issue
    West Summerside granted
    Gouthwaite House 6.7.34 20/02637/FUL
    Fearby Village Hall 6.7.49.A.FUL 20/02922/FUL
    BT Consultations objections sent to Secretary of State
    Mellwood House Ellingstring 6.2.29.H.FUL 20/03258FUL
    Lobley Cottage Ilton 6.8.22.D.FUL 20/03172/FUL
    Hill House Fearby 6.7.19.E 20/02417/FUL
    Bank statements to be verified and signed
    Clerks expenses
    Other business
    Emergency Plan update
    Mole traps disappearing from the village green
    Kell Bank School closure
    Police Report
    Councillors required for Ilton
    AOB for next meeting

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