Fearby, Healey and District Parish Council
email: fearbypc@gmail.com
Clerk: Alan Greensit 01677 424221
Minutes from the Parish Council Meeting held on 23 January 2020, at 7.30pm in Fearby Village Hall
Present: Chair – B Gregg, Vice Chair - G Verity
Cllrs:- J Marsden: S Searle; M Hope; C Stead
Cllr N Simms
Apologies : J Brearley; K Marshall;
2 members of the public attended
Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.
No response had been received from the letter issued to Julia Mulligan, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner sent by the council after the last meeting. The chairman attended a meeting at Masham regarding the fire appliance change and the result was that Masham and district were encouraged to recruit retained firefighters to avoid the change in appliance to a TRV. Clarification was made of the criteria to be a retained firefighter to help with recruitment.
Information regarding the completed applications and refusal were passed to the councillors.
Burton View application was discussed, the members of the public were asked to advised the council of the details as they were the applicants. The application was discussed and the matter was resolved in favour of the application.
The bank statement were passed to the councillors and verified. They were then signed by the chairman.
Expenses were verified. The new laptop was paid by the clerk so he will be reimbursed. The hall hire plus the clerks mileage expenses were also verified.
Notice had been received that Tarmac were undertaking some resurfacing on Havernook Lane so this will be monitored by the local councillors.
No response has been received regarding Gollinglith Foot potholes.
Notice Board in Colsterdale
The chairman advised that Swinton Estate had donated a notice board to be used by the council and he said he would erect it as soon as possible.
Matters for the next meeting
Councillor Marshall has received a complaint regarding traffic at Rosebud Preserves. This matter has been discussed at length previously and councillor Marshall had discussed it with neighbours who think the situation had improved. It was agreed not to revisit this at this time and any queries should refer to the previous minutes.
Councillor Marsden brought up the idea of a Christmas tree for the village. It was agreed to ask some of the residents their opinion and bring it to the next meeting.
The chairman then closed the meeting at 9.50.
The next council meeting will be on 26th March 2020 at 7.30 in Fearby Village Hall

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