Fearby, Healey and District Parish Council


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Minutes from the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 27 May 2021 at 7.30pm in Fearby Village Hall


Present: B Gregg, G Verity J Marsden, K Marshall

Cllrs:- N Simms

App:- S Searle, C Stead, J Brearley, M Hope, J Hayman

2 member of the public also attended


This was a Annual Council Meeting and not a parish meeting as it was agreed to defer that until the July Meeting when it was hoped that it could be a more open meeting.

Election of Officers.

Cllr G Verity was proposed and elected as chairman. He immediately thanked his predecessor Cllr B Gregg for his leadership over the last 4 years.

Cllr B Gregg was elected as vice chair but said this was only for 1 year as he felt it needed someone younger to be involved.

The minutes of the previous meeting were declared a true record and signed by the Chair

Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting

Bench refurbishment. Mr Jack Burk has kindly cleaned and repainted one bench and the council said they would pay for the paint and thanked him for doing so. They asked if he would be willing to do the same with the other bench and give the clerk the invoice for the paint and any other expenses incurred. He said he would be willing to do so. There is also a table and bench which is in disrepair which Cllr Gregg said he would remove and look to refurbishing them.

The asset register which the clerk had prepared was given to the internal auditor and she verified that it was a legitimate way of recording the assets. This would be maintained by the clerk.

The chairman brought to mention the Barn at Ellingstring which had been granted with a number of restrictions. This was posing a problem for the developers.


6.7.47.E.FUL 21/01179/FUL Lowther House Fearby. Cllr Gregg declared and interest as it is his property. He was asked what the situation was. He said it was to be a 3-bedroom house converted from an existing barn, however he is not allowed to raise the roof or create an extension to the rear. It was decided that Cllr Marshall and Marsden would look at the plans and visit the site if necessary and let the chairman and clerk know their decision by 3 June which was the council notification return date.


6.6.45.AFUL 21/02153/FUL Bales Farm Healey. The plans were looked at and it was decided that the council would support the application as it is a property some way from the road and requires substantial refurbishment as it is in an exposed site.


The Annual Governance and Accountability Return has been completed by the internal auditor and signed by her. The form was explained to the council and the chairman signed the final completed form. The clerk will send the Certificate of Exemption to PKF Littlejohn and post the completed form on the website.

Clerk’s expenses were ratified and signed off by the chairman.

The insurance has been paid but a council member queried the percentage of the mower insurance. The total amount was £641.38 of which £349.90 is for the mower insurance. It was agreed to continue insuring the mower however, the chairman though we might look around for a cheaper insurance for the mower part which could be done next year.

Highways –

The road to Hill Top Ilton has now been mended together with a major programme of road maintenance in the area.

Other Business.

Police Report. Sgt Clare Mayes of the Neighbourhood Policing confirmed there have been no recently reported incidents.

Firefighters pay. Cllr Gregg wanted the minutes to show that after a recent discussion with a Masham Firefighter his on-call pay was 24p per hour for a 24-hour period. This was duly noted.

Parish Boundary. Marfield quarry have planning consent to quarry the other side of the road. Cllr Greg was unsure where our parish boundary was, the clerk checked this and it does not include part of the parish However, the proposal is for a tunnel under the road and a belt through the parish to the proposed site for quarrying. This seems to make an already dangerous part of the road even more dangerous. The clerk was asked to write to the highways department and point this out to them and ask if anything can be done by them to make the road safer e.g lifting the road so there is not a blind spot.

Purchasing bulbs for Fearby Village Green. The council had no objection to putting bulbs onto the village green and thought this should be put into the hands of the Village Green Committee. Future gifts of bulbs from the Borough Council could be given to that committee.

Proposed Healey Speed Watch group. Concerns have been raised at the speed of vehicles travelling though the 30mph speed limit in Healey and subsequently Fearby. The clerk passed the information to the Police Speed Protocol Administrators who contacted the concerned Healey resident directly. After completing the initial forms it seems that to get a speed watch group requires a substantial commitment of time and people. Healey on its own felt this was too great a commitment. The council supported the proposed group and suggested they contact some Fearby residents to get a combined group. Cllr Marshall will take this back to the concerned resident.

Fearby village Green Christmas Tree. The council had no objection to a Christmas tree but recommended that the Village Green Committee be the spearhead for this.

The council ratified the meeting date change from 30 September to 23 September.


Siting of the commemorative tree for Kell Bank School. Two sites had been discussed, one at the school and another on Fearby Village Green. The latter one was favoured by the governors and the council had no objection to that as long as permission was given from Swinton Estate who owns the land. Cllr Marsden handed a copy of an email from Mark Cunliffe Lister giving permission for this. The council suggested that the residents were consulted before action taken. Cllr Marsden will pass this information on.

AOB for next meeting

It was pointed out by Mr Burk who attended the meeting that the Defibrillator has not been serviced and should have had new pads on after 2 years. This meant that it has been taken out of service. Mr Burk has taken advise how to get the defibrillator back into service. He has purchased new pads costing £65 and will have someone explain to him how to put them in. The council will reimburse Mr Burk for the cost. He was thanked by the council for showing the initiative and sorting this out. It was noted that the batteries need changing after 4 years so this has been noted for September 2022.

A discussion should be made regarding Fearby Allotments.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm

Councillor Simms congratulated the new chairman for leading the meeting well.

The next meeting will be held on 29th July at 7.30 in Fearby Village Hall