Fearby, Healey and District Parish Council
email: fearbypc@gmail.com
Clerk: Alan Greensit 01677 424221
Minutes from the Parish Council Meeting held on 23 September 2021 at 7.30pm in Fearby Village Hall
Present: Vice Chair – B Gregg,
Cllrs:- J Hayman: C Stead: M Hope; J Brearley; K Marshall;
Cllrs:- N Simms, M Atkinson
App:- S Searle, G Verity, J Marsden
4 member of the public also attended
The minutes of the previous meeting were declared a true record and signed by the Vice Chair
Matters arising from the minutes
Mr Jeff Loveday sent an email regarding the base for the commemorative seat for Kell Bank School. This suggested that a concrete base would need planning permission and would be a major undertaking. He suggested long metal pins to be driving into the ground to secure the seat. He has made tentative enquires and estimated the price of the pins would be £30 to £50. This was discussed by the councillors and it was decided to ask Mr Loveday to obtain an actual estimate for the work and the clerk would then send it in with an application for it to be paid by commuted sums.
No response for Highways regarding Marfield Quarry proposal and Fearby Cross signage. Cllr Atkinson said she had a meeting with Highways every month so send the emails again and copy her in and she will ensure they are discussed. It was suggested we thank highways for the recent road resurfacing which has been done
Leighton Grange, Healey 6.6.5.G.FUL 21/03554FUL, Erection of a silage clamp. None of the councillors had actually seen the site however, it was over an existing silage clamp at the back of the farm so the councillors had no objection.
The bank statements were handed round with a spreadsheet of the expenditure to date. The statements were verified and signed by the vice chair.
The clerk’s expenses were verified and agreed by the council.
Highways –
Condition of the footpath to Kell Bank School. Although the school has now closed a number of members of the public still walk this path. A letter was received from Mr & Mrs Wilson pointing out the poor condition of the path. Part of it was due to Openreach not putting the path back after work undertaken so Cllr Atkinson said to send an email to Highways advising them of this, they in turn will contact Openreach to rectify the problem. Mr Wilson sent photos of the Openreach problem and they will be forwarded to highways. Then rest of the path is due to overgrown hedges, Cllr Marshall offered to go with a strimmer and cut back the hedge to make the path accessible. The council thanked him for the offer.
Other Business.
The police report was read out.
There is a metal manhole cover dislodged at the end of Cote Lane. Cllr Marshall will undertake to replace it.
Many of the roads have been repaired and topped but Cote Lane and Crook Land have been repaired but not topped. Highways to be emailed asking if they will be topped at a later date.
Many gulleys in the village are blocked and after a recent flash flood they caused a problem at the lowest point which was the yard of Park Manor Farm. Highways to be notified.
Swinton tenants have received a letter from the estate advising they are undertaking a project of tree planting. This would involve approximately 300 to 800 acres of trees planted which would impact many farmers in the area. Cllr Gregg advised that a grant was available for tree planting to earn carbon credit and he understands that Swinton Estate have already received some grants for this. Cllr Simms advised that any trees planted will be native hardwood trees. Cllr Gregg said that he thought any carbon emissions should be stopped at source and not trying to counter them by planting trees. Very little detail was known about this so no opinion could be expressed.
AOB for next meeting
An email has been received from a resident of Ellingstring stating that there was no defibrillator in Ellingstring and any need for one would incur travelling to either Fearby or East Witton which could be fatal. Would the council consider this. This was discussed 3 years ago when Fearby got their defibrillator and it was decided that one was sufficient for the whole area considering the population. Fearby defibrillator was donated so the council only oversee the maintenance of it.
The meeting closed at 8.35pm
The next meeting will be held on 25th November at 7.30 in Fearby Village H