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Minutes from the Parish Council Meeting held on 24 September 2020, at 7.30pm in Fearby Village Hall

Present: Chair – B Gregg, Vice Chair - G Verity

Cllrs:- J Marsden: S Searle; M Hope; J Brearley;  K Marshall;

Cllrs:- N Simms

App:- C Stead

1 member of the public also attended

The meeting approved Jonathan Hayman as councillor for Colsterdale and he was duly co opted onto the council and documents signed.


The minutes of the previous meeting were declared a true record and signed by the Chair


Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting

The clerk updated the council with the problems on Knowle Lane with the gate being put across a public highway. This has been investigated by Highways and it was confirmed that the gate was on a public highway. The highways department are looking into this. The original complainant has been informed but as it is not a council matter no more action will be taken by the council.

Healey speeding issues, the original complainant has been issued the complaint forms and they have completed them and issued to the Speed Management Protocol team, they are still awaiting a response.



West Summersides planning has been granted.

Gouthwaite House 6.7.34 20/02637/FUL. The chairman declared an interest in this as it was his next door neighbour. The chairman supplied plans which were passed round the councillors and discussed. Concerns arose as to the extension of the domestic curtilage to create the swimming pool. Other concerns were that there seems to have been some work done which did not seem to have planning permission. It was agreed to object to the current plans because of the extension to the domestic curtilage and to ask the planners to look into other possible planning issues.

Fearby Village Hall 6.7.49.A.FUL 20/02922/FUL. The chairman declared an interest in this as he was on the village hall committee. This plan was for replacement of wooden windows to upvc on a building of interest. The council were unanimously in agreement that this should go ahead from an ecological aspect as well as efficiency for the public building.

The clerk informed the council that the application to remove the telephone boxes from Ilton, Ellingstring, Healey Kell Bank and Healey had been sent to the Secretary of State with our objections.

Mellwood House 6.2.29.H.FUL 20/03258/FUL The clerk had copies of the plans on the laptop and showed them to the councillors individually. As this did not seem to increase the size of the property and was some distance for the road there was no objections.

Lobley Cottage, Ilton 6.8.22.D.FUL 20/03172/FUL The clerk again had the plan on the laptop. Although this was a substantial extension it seems to be in keeping with the area and therefore no objections were made to the application.

Hill House Fearby 6.7.19.E 20/02417/FUL The council discussed this application and the plans were shown on the laptop. These were very similar to ones granted some time ago and the clerk was asked to check this out, this was so but the planning period had lapsed and therefore duplicate ones were submitted. The council had no objection as it had been passed previously by Harrogate so this would be in its favour this time.

Two other planning applications had been received but not added to the agenda so could not be discussed however, the clerk took advise in responding to these. One was for Fearby Top Fearby for conversion of outbuildings which the council had no objection and the other was for Photo Voltiac Panels on the roof of an annexe for North End Ilton. Again, the council was in favour of this.



The monthly accounts were presented and were approved and signed by the chair.

The clerk presented his expenses which included the purchase of a printer. These were agreed and signed off by the chairman.

The AGAR was also presented to the council and was ratified and signed. The fixed assets were discussed as no depreciation has been applied so the clerk was asked to set up a register of fixed assets from 2013 and apply an annual depreciation and bring it to the next council meeting.

Highways –

No new issues have been raised

Other Business.  

The council wanted to make known its appreciation of volunteers in the parishes who have gone above and beyond in looking after neighbours and the vulnerable in the villages during the recent lockdown and subsequent restrictions.

Regarding the mole traps disappearing from the village green, Mr Burke, a member of the public who is responsible for the traps, explained that the traps had been disappearing over the summer. One of the councillors thought that some children had been responsible but have been spoken to by their parents so Mr Burke will wait until next year to see if any more traps went missing. Some of the traps had been destroyed by the grass cutting however, the grass cutting committee were willing to replace these.

Kell Bank School Closure. There are some councillors on the board of governors who clarified that the situation is not the closure of Kell Bank but a discussion as to the future of the school. The clerk apologised for the details posted on the agenda’s as this was incorrect. Councillor Brearley, who is one of the governors, explained that the numbers were very low and had 6 pupils, there was no sign of more pupils being added. The parents and staff have worked very hard to attract more without success. Councillor Searle said she had been a parent at the school for 17 years and this was a very sad time. 5 pupils had been removed from the school last year which exacerbated the situation.  Councillor Brearley requested that the council be represented at the consultation meeting which was to be held in November. The chairman said he would attend as he is one of many generations educated at the school.

The clerk read the police report which included illegal camping in the village hall car park, this was private land so the police had no authority to do anything. Councillor Verity raised the question about caravan parking next to the gas house in Masham, Councillor Simms informed the council that Masham Council had that in hand as the land did not seem to have an owner they were applying for registration as public land so enforcement can be made on illegal camping. 

AOB for next meeting

Councillor Searle raised the point that the benches in Fearby were looking very tired and scruffy. Councillor Gregg will look into possible refurbishment before next summer.


The meeting closed at 9.35pm


The next meeting will be held on 26th  November at 7.30 in Fearby Village Hall


Minutes from the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 30 July 2020, at 7.30pm in Fearby Village Hall Car Park as this was a socially distanced meeting due to Covid 19 restriction.

Present: Chair – B Gregg, Vice Chair - G Verity

Cllrs:- S Searle; C Stead J Brearley; K Marshall

Cllr M Atkinson

Apologies : J Marsden: M Hope:

1 members of the public attended

Election of Chairman

Cllr B Gregg stepped down and handed the meeting to the Cllr Verity. Cllr Gregg stated he had been chair for some time and wanted another to take the post to spread the load. He was willing to stand for another year but wanted it noted he wanted to step down. No other nominations were received and therefore the council unanimously agreed to elect Cllr Gregg as chair again.

Election of Vice Chair.

No other nominations were received and the council unanimously agreed to elect Cllr Verity as vice chair.

Approval of the previous minutes.

The minutes of the last annual council meeting were approved last July and therefore the minutes of the meeting in January were distributed, read and verified. They were signed by the chair.

Matters arising from the minutes.

There were no matters arising from the minutes. 


West Summersides This was an application to cover an existing yard to be used as an agricultural building only. The council had no objections to this and the clerk will notify planning.

BT phone boxes in Ellingstring, Ilton, Healey Kell bank and Healey. The council discussed this at length but came to the conclusion that the phone boxes were vital as mobile phone signal was very poor in all the areas of the boxes. The clerk was requested to advise planning and send a letter explaining the reason why the council rejected the application. This will include the need for the boxes in the emergency plan for the parishes.






Bank statements from February to July were passed to the councillors and verified. They were then signed by the chairman.

Clerks expenses were verified which was for travel only.


Locked gates at Druids  Cllr Gregg had received a letter from a concerned resident that the gates leading to Druids temple were locked and people were forced to park in the Swinton Bivouac car park which was chargeable. They thought that this road was a public road as it had recently been resurfaced by the council. Cllr Stead lives next door to the Bivouacs and said that as lockdown was easing more people were visiting the area and the road to Druids regularly had cars parked at both sides including her driveway. Druids car park is on private land but it was unsure where the road became private so was unclear if the gate was on the private land. Cllr Gregg stated that the council was not in a position to take any action however we can write to highways to clarify where the public road ends and the private road begins so he can advise the person who contacted him. The clerk will write to highways and report back.

Vehicle speed in Healey  Cllr Marshall has received a complaint regarding vehicle speed in Healey. These are mainly motorcycles who apparently come from Ellingstring and then turn down the village. As the road dips they gather speed which continues down the village which has a 30 mph speed restriction. It was agreed to write to highways and ask if there is anything they, or the police, can do about this. The clerk will write and report back.

It was also mentioned that many vehicles were turning at the bottom of Fearby as they were going to Churchill Shooting range, however, the sign was only on the cross roads and not before. Cllr Verity will contact Churchill and advise them to apply to move the sign away from the cross roads further down Masham Road.

Other Business

The clerk advised that he was scanning old documents from the large filing cabinet which belongs to the council. This had 15 years of documents which were taking up room. The printer which was used for scanning has ceased to work and it was too expensive to repair. The council gave permission for a new one to be purchased but no budget was set as the clerk was trusted to get a good deal as long as he advised the councillors before purchase.

The clerk also brought up the issue of the old laptop which was no longer required. The council advised that this should be wiped and given to a charity. The clerk will investigate this and advise the councillors accordingly before any action taken.

Cllr Gregg advised about the ongoing situation with Masham Fire Station. He declared an interest as his son is a retained fire fighter there. After the discussions last year regarding this, the situation has got worse. The volunteers which initially signed up were all rejected due to fitness levels and no effort was made by the fire authority to pursue volunteers from the interested businesses in the town. The fire appliance has had very few call outs and it was thought the action was a way of saying that the station was not viable any more. This was a concern and the council needed to know the current situation.

Cllr Marshall also brought up that Kell Bank school had very few numbers and was in danger of closing. He thought the council should be aware of this.


Cllr Gregg suggested that for the next meeting we should discuss the Emergency Plan and look at anything that we may have learnt from the present situation especially on behalf of the vulnerable. He asked the councillors to think about this and he and Cllr Brearley will look at the plan again and bring it to the meeting.



Councillors required for Colsterdale and Ilton.

The member of the public who attended the meeting was interested in becoming a councillor. He lives just outside the parish boundary of Colsterdale and has previously been in the army. The council asked him various questions and then voted in favour of beginning the procedure to co opt him onto the council. The clerk will send for the document and took the details of the gentleman.

The chairman closed the meeting at 9.05pm and thanked all for coming at this unusual time.

The next council meeting will be on 24th September 2020 at 7.30 in Fearby Village Hall as the hall will be opening by then. 

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