Fearby, Healey and District Parish Council
email: fearbypc@gmail.com
Clerk: Alan Greensit 01677 424221
Minutes from the Parish Council Meeting held on 27 January 2022 at 7.30pm in Fearby Village Hall
Present: Chair - G Verity: Vice Chair B Gregg
Cllrs:- J Marsden: C Iveson: M Hope; S Searle K Marshall; J Hayman
Cllrs:- N Simms
Apologies:- J Brearley
3 member of the public also attended
The minutes of the previous meeting were declared a true record and signed by the Chair
Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting
Councillor Stead informed the clerk of her change of name and email address to Councillor Claire Iveson. This has been noted and Harrogate advised.
Defibrillators in Ellingstring and Healey. The clerk had made enquiries and got quotes and possible funding opportunities should this project go forward. There has been no response from the enquiry in Ellingstring regarding a possible site and “champion”. Councillor Verity said there was no public place in Ellingstring where one could be accessed. Because of this it was put on hold for that village. Councillor Marshall will be attending the Healey Parish Church Council meeting and raise it as a possibility as there is electric at the entrance to the church for a defibrillator. He will report back next meeting.
Grass Cutting Group update. An email was read from Graham Wilson, treasurer of that group, confirming that Michael Mould was the Chairman and Jill Best was the Secretary. It confirmed that any driver of the new mower would sign to say they have received the appropriate training. The Group would continue to pay £1 per year rent from 31 March 2022.
Local Housing Plan. This came from a discussion last meeting to try and reduce the number of large houses on the area when local families are having difficulty in affording homes to live in. The clerk researched the setting up of a neighbourhood plan and found it involved a lot of work. Councillor Simms advised that there would be little benefit for this area as the land roundabout Fearby and Healey is protected land. He felt this council was too small to make a difference as any Neighbourhood Plan cannot come into conflict with local government plans. Councillor Hayman suggested a statement to be made to the planning authorities signed by the council, Councillor Simms said that would not be looked at. The new unitary Authority may put a new slant on the situation so this was left to be reviewed at a later date.
A gully cleaning email response was read out stating the authority was planning to clear the gullies in Fearby and it was on the list to do but not sure when that would be. This would be left for a while to wait and see.
The bank statements were handed round together with the accounts spreadsheet to date. The Village Hall account had been paid. This was approved by the councillors.
The clerk presented his expenses which was approved by the councillors.
Highways –
It was brought to the attention of the council that the 30mph speed limit sign near Fearby Cross was hidden in the hedge. This has been notified to highways by a member of the public. The road from the village to Fearby Cross was very narrow so it was proposed to request highways for a no footway sign as many people walked down that narrow road which was dangerous. The clerk will request this.
There was a hole at the side of Crook Lane which was very deep and needed filling in. If a vehicle came off the road it would cause substantial damage. The clerk will report this to highways. Councillor Marshall gave the clerk the What3Words location.
Councillor Hope reported a hole in the footpath near the school at Kell Bank. This has appeared just after the repairs have been made nearby. This will be reported by the clerk.
Other Business.
Councillor for Ilton. Someone has been found who would like to be co opted onto the council. This person lives in Healey so Councillor Iveson suggested, as she lives in Ilton, she should represent Ilton and the new person represent Healey. After a short discussion it was unanimously agreed to co opt James Thompson onto the council. This process may be deferred as there will be an election in May so the clerk will take advice from the Electoral department. Mr Thompson gave all his details to the clerk should the process go ahead.
Jubilee Celebrations. An email has been received from Grewelthorpe parish council clerk asking for our plans for the celebration. No plans have been made at the moment but the Village Hall committee will be meeting shortly and they usually make celebration plans. The council would support any plans the village hall suggest.
Parking on the village green. This was raised at the last meeting and Councillor Gregg said this related to someone driving over the green. He has spoken to the person recently it should cease as he said he would refrain.
AOB for next meeting
Councillor Marshall said that a neighbour had asked if he needed planning permission for a stainless-steel flue on the exterior of his house for a log burner. He would be advised to ask the planning authority as he may need to as it was a protected area.
The meeting closed at 8.30pm
The next meeting will be held on 31st March 2022 at 7.30 in Fearby Village Hall