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Current Meeting Minutes
Minutes from the Parish Council Meeting held on 28 November 2019, at 7.30pm in Fearby Village Hall 
Present: Chair – B Gregg, Vice Chair - G Verity 
Cllrs:- J Marsden: S Searle; M Hope; C Stead 
Cllr N Simms 
Apologies : J Brearley; K Marshall;  
21 member of the public also attended 
Deputy Chief Fire Officer Jon Foster and Group Manager Phil Whild also attended by invitation. 
The minutes of the previous meeting were declared a true record and signed by the Chair 

Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting 

Due to the public interest in the changes to the Fire Appliance at Masham the chairman decided to cover this matter first. Mr Foster explained that sometimes the fire appliance at Masham was unavailable. Changes to employment meant it more difficult to get retained firefighters during the day. The current Class B appliance requires at least 4 firefighters before it can be deployed. The proposal was to change this appliance to a Tactical Response Vehicle (TRV) which only requires 3 operators. The TRV will be used as the current appliance but as it only requires 3 firefighters it may be available more than the current appliance. In the last 6 months the Masham appliance was unavailable for 45% of the time. As long as there are 3 qualified operators the TRV can be applied. The TRV carries 1400 litres of water instead of the current 1800 litres. It also carries foam to tackle vehicle fires which the current vehicle does not have. The TRV is better equipped in quality but not as much variation. Mr Foster stressed this is not a permanent situation and will be reviewed. The chairman opened the questions to the public. 
 First questioner stated that the TRV was not equipped sufficiently for rural areas and the variety of incidents experiences by the current crew, it only had a 9 metre ladder instead of a 13 metre on the current appliance, this is required to get onto a roof for a chimney fire which is a regular danger in a rural area, The TRV also only has 2 breathing apparatus instead of the current 4. Mr Whild responded by stating that  with a crew of 3 the TRV can be deployed to lower risk and medium risk fires, the ladder situation is being reviewed and as only 3 operators only one breathing apparatus can be deployed as it requires an incident manager and a protection officer at the scene.  
Another questioner stated that there are only 4 TRV’s in the Harrogate area which is only 20% of North Yorkshire. They were very concerned about the rural nature of the area for such a small appliance. The response was that 60% of the population has 3 TRV’s. Ripon has a full time crew so 100% attendance rate and Leyburn has a better attendance rate and both can support the Masham appliance.  

Councillor Searle queried the light portable pump on the TRV. Mr Whild advised that this requires 4 and possibly 5 operators to be deployed and would only be used when sufficient operators were available. The water on board would initially stall the incident until support was available.   
Public question: If Masham was fully staffed 100% of the time would this situation change? Answer was yes as this is only a temporary measure and will be reviewed in approximately 12 months. 
The chairman stated he had seen the new TRV and was very impressed with it but speaking to local firefighters they are not happy as it cannot tackle larger fires including chimney fires as many properties in the area still had coal fires. Response was that there was a greater risk in the roads in a rural area and the TRV is better equipped to deal with these. 
Question from the public, What increase in availability will postpone the TRV being places at Masham? Response was that 100% availability would ensure a better service, this means giving recruitment a higher profile, pay may improve uptake and may need to be reviewed but that is a national problem.  Firefighters were adamant that pay is never an issue as they do it primarily for the safety of the community. 
A councillor from Masham as a member of the public had a list of serious risks based on the location of Masham, being so rural, as the nearest appliances were 25 mins away. She said that Masham firefighters were unhappy with the proposed action as safety was being compromised so as a community we should support the people who were actually on the front line. 
Councillor Stead asked what can the TRV do that the current appliance cannot do? The response was that it had a shorter hose and shorter ladder but could operate with less crew and be deployed more often although there are staff concerns about equipment. 
Question from the public, how long does it take to train a new recruit? The answer was about 6 months depending on availability for training but specific training on equipment took up to 2 years on the job. 
Question asked was is this a proposal or a decision made. Answer was still a proposal but it is the best way forward, finance is still a constraint, costs will be more with the TRV as it will have more call outs. 
Question was if the TRV cannot deal with the incident then it is and increased cost as another appliance will have to be deployed? Answer was this is standard procedure as it is with the current appliance. 
The chairman call a halt to the proceedings as he wanted the members of Masham Fire crew who were there to have their say. Firefighters Keith Ward and Val Grainger then addressed the meeting. They know that recruitment is a problem but Masham is better than many local stations such as Bedale who are currently without a driver and are close to Northallerton which has a full time crew, would it not be better to deploy the TRV there. Response was they will look into it.  If the TRV ladder needs 3 people to deploy it then there is no one to supervise therefore another appliance will be required, they quoted and incident in Fearby at the Black Swan 5 years ago when they tackled a serious blaze and were able to contain it with the current appliance but the TRV would not have been good enough as the hose was not long enough. Could not 3 firefighters turn out on the current vehicle to certain smaller incidents. Response was no as it was not safe. Currently the Masham appliance can take 6 firefighters if they were available and therefore this was advantageous in a rural area. A trainee or NVQ cannot work on a TRV but can support on the current vehicle. The limitation of the TRV are not acceptable in a rural area due to the shorter hose and shorter ladder. Firefighters are dedicated to protecting property and people and the TRV will 

make this more difficult. The response was that the fire service is committed to recruiting and developing staff, they are dynamically reviewing the service and need to increase recruitment so staffing can increase to keep the Class B appliance at Masham. TRV’s are used in many rural areas in Cornwall, Wales and Scotland as they are thought to improving the situation therefore it cannot be a backward step. 
The chairman called a halt to the discussion asked everyone to thank the  Deputy Chief Fire officer and Group manager for coming and putting the case forward. 
Many of the public left at this time. 
Telephone boxes. The clerk advised that the objections raised were supported by Harrogate Council and passed to the ombudsman. 
Potholes. The clerk advised that highways were aware of some of the problems but agreed to send the documents to them as they were not aware of all the problems. Councillor stead said she will help the clerk resend the documents. The member of the public advised there was another bad pothole in Colsterdale which the clerk will report. 
Response to the TRV was discussed which the chairman declare an interest as his son was a firefighter. Councillor Verity advised we do not live in an ideal world so we should try and recruit more or go with the TRV. A petition had been raised but had to be stopped as it was becoming political. Councillor Marsden advised that Masham appliance came to an incident recently and a second had to come so not cheaper to deploy as first one had it under control. Councillor Gregg advised that the TRV is bad to drive according to a Harrogate Firefighter, as it is too heavy. Councillor Verity said that the public were unhappy with the TRV and so were the firefighters and therefore the council should support them as Masham is a growing community. Everyone was in favour so the chairman will liaise with the clerk and put together a letter to Julia Mulligan. 

Nothing was outstanding 

Finance – The monthly accounts were presented and were approved and signed by the chair. 
Bank payments. The clerk advised that things had moved on and he should be able to access the bank account shortly 
Setting precept for 2020/2021. After a short discussion it was agreed to increase the precept by £300 from £2600 to £2900 due to increasing costs of travel for the clerk and extra expenses, other general costs are increasing. The council also discussed the current laptop which is running slowly. It was strongly agreed to ask the clerk to purchase a new laptop to a budget of £500. This would be financed from residual funds and possibly some from the savings account. 

Kell Bank School fence. The chairman had been approached by a governor of the school to help with the cost of a fence to increase the height of the wall. No official request had been made and the council were reluctant to make any decision regarding this until further information was received. The chairman will advise the govenors. 

The bank statements were signed and dated as a true record. The dates for next year were agreed as 23rd January, 26th March, 28th May, 30 July, 24th September, 26th November. 

Highways –  
As above 
A.O.B. – for discussion at the next meeting 
A member of the public advised that the notice post in Colsterdale had been removed as it was part of the post box and a metal one placed there. 
The meeting closed at 10.15 The next meeting will be held on 23rd January 2020 at 7.30 in Fearby Village Hall  


Minutes from the Parish Council Meeting held on 26 September 2019, at 7.30pm in Fearby Village Hall

Present: Chair – B Gregg, Vice Chair - G Verity

Cllrs:- J Marsden: S Searle; M Hope; J Brearley; C Stead; K Marshall;

Cllrs:- N Simms

7 member of the public also attended


The minutes of the previous meeting were declared a true record and signed by the Chair


Matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting

Fearby Cross to Swinton, Mossra Lane. The response by highways states a safety inspection had been made and the damage does not meet the criteria for repair. Councillor Verity stated this was unacceptable as the potholes were a safety issue and a cyclist had recently had an accident due to the state of the road. The clerk was asked to write to highways requesting what the criteria was. Councillor Searle suggested posting photos of the damage which Councillor Marshall agreed to take and forward to the clerk. It was also suggested that it be posted on the “fix my street.com” website. Clerk to do this.


Planning had been received to remove the telephone boxes from Ilton and Ellingstring. It was unanimously agreed that this would be rejected on the grounds that there is very poor to no mobile phone receptions in both places and the telephone box is the first resort in an emergency. It was also agreed that should any further planning request for removal of telephone boxes be received the same reply would be issued as the same criteria would exist.

A planning application was received for a two storey extension to Springwood Farm Healey. Councillor Marshall explained the application to the council as it just involved the demolition of a single storey extension. There were a number of objections from the members of the public so the chairman asked them to explain their grievances. One member of the public advised that it would look over their patio however this would not be the case as the windows were to the rear and not to the side. Another member of the public advised that the cellar in the property was a party wall with theirs. There was no party agreement in place and this was not taken into account in the plans. Excavation of the extension was also an issued as it would encroach on adjoining property. Other objections by the public were drainage and access. After a long discussion in which Councillor Simms advised on planning laws, the chairman suggested a site visit by him and other councillors as no consensus could be met. The chairman will report to the clerk on their response. 

Finance – The monthly accounts were presented and were approved and signed by the chair.

Highways –

A response by highways to the blocked drain in Ellingstring states they will undertake a repair within 90 days.

An email was received stating a street light was off in Healey. Further information was requested so an accurate report could be issued.

A.O.B. – The chairman advised the council that the fire appliance in Masham is to be changed to a Tactical Response Vehicle. This only requires 3 fire crew unlike the 5 required for the current appliance. Masham had problems during the day to raise plenty of officers to send out its current appliance but will be able to send this out quicker. This will not be able to tackle large house fires as it has no ladders or breathing equipment. However, it could deal with Road Traffic Accidents and small incidents. The chairman thought the council should be aware of the changes.

Councillor Marsden advised that there may be a candidate for the vacant seat for Colsterdale. As the prospective candidate has not moved in yet the clerk was asked to enquire how long they had to be resident before they became eligible.

Speeding traffic. Nothing was reported however the chairman asked the members of the public if they would consider a community speed watch initiative.

The meeting closed at 9pm

The next meeting will be held on 28th  November at 7.30 in Fea








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