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The Parish


The Parish is made up of the villages of Healey, Fearby, and the hamlet of Ilton cum Pott, and extends from Swinton and Wathermarske to Ellingstring.


The remote Dales' hamlet of Ilton in North Yorkshire provided the motive in 2005 for the founding of the Ilton Community Heritage Group which aims to build up an archive of its archaeology, memories, traditions and folklore which have , until now, been passed down through generations of its families.

Once a thriving village, Ilton is now a widespread settlement of only a few houses and farms, and the members of the Group have become acutely aware of the accelerating pace of change and the fragility of local knowledge. We have been engaging residents both past and present in an attempt to create an archive before the knowledge is lost forever.


If you have any interesting news, stories, history or other items which would add to this site, please send it via the contact form. 

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